Who we are

We are a coalition of trade unions, campaigning organisations and local activists. We came together in 2015 to oppose TTIP and CETA – two big trade deals being negotiated by the EU, US and Canada that threatened to give new powers to corporations while privatising our public services, and weakening the democratic rights of ordinary citizens. Working with a wider coalition across Europe, our campaign was successful in stopping TTIP in its tracks, and endangering the ratification of CETA.

Now, with Brexit approaching, we believe that new trade deals being negotiated by the UK government could be worse than TTIP. But we also believe that this time of change could be a time of opportunity for the UK and Scotland to develop a properly inclusive, democratic and ethical trade policy. We’ve developed a set of principles for a just trade system that we believe all trade deals should be based on.

The coalition meets regularly to organise lobbying meetings with politicians, hold public awareness events and local stalls, as well as developing our campaign opposing TTIP-style trade deals after Brexit, and calling for a more ethical trade policy. If you are interested in getting involved, as an individual activist, or as an organisation, please get in touch.

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Members of the Trade Justice Scotland Coalition

CND Ayrshire


Friends of the Earth Scotland

Global Justice Now

Global Justice Ayrshire

Global Justice Glasgow

Hope not Hate Greater Glasgow

Jubilee Scotland

Nourish Scotland

Public and Commercial Services Union Scotland

The Professional Trade Unions for Prison, Correctional and Secure Psychiatric Workers Scotland

Radical Independence Campaign


Scottish Fair Trade Forum

Scottish Pensioners Forum

Stop TTIP Aberdeen

Stop TTIP Dundee

Stop TTIP Edinburgh

Stop TTIP Highlands

St Andrews TTIP Action Group


The People’s Assembly Scotland

University and College Union

UNISON Scotland

Union Solidarity international

War on Want

Women for Independence