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Why we oppose this trade deal

Whilst we have all been busy dealing with this pandemic, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has started negotiating a trade deal with President Trump.  

Trump has made it clear that ‘everything is on the table’ with this trade deal.  

This means that the deal presents a real threat to many things we hold dear. Our day-to-day lives could be impacted. Threats include:   

  • Food safety and animal welfare standards. From pesticide use to hormone fed beef, the US has much lower standards than the UK 
  • The NHS: by further privatisation and increased charges for medicines to increase profits for US corporations 
  • The privatisation of other public services, such as Scottish Water and the BBC 
  • Chemicals in cosmetics 
  • Workers’ rights 
  • Our democracy: both Westminster’s and the Scottish parliament’s ability to pass laws to protect the public and our environment, including in Scotland powers to tackle climate change, will be weakened by a trade deal which prioritises ‘cutting red tape’ for US corporations 

Corporate America wants access to UK markets and services and this trade deal will get them what they want – unless we can stop it!

Here’s some suggestions for action to take against this toxic trade deal.

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