UK trade minister and Indian trade minister sit together during India-UK trade negotiations in India 2022

Human Rights and Trade Deals

During its time as an EU member the U.K. Government was a party to 40 trade deals which covered 70...

Israel and the ethics of trade policy

By: Arthur West & James Dippie (Global Justice Ayrshire) Date: February 2024 Trade is fundamental to international financial and economic...

Richard Leonard MSP is lobbied by his constituency as part of a mass lobby at the Scottish Parliament

Trade justice at the local council elections 2022

By Arthur West, Ayrshire Global Justice Now At recent Trade Justice Scotland Coalition meetings we have been discussing issues we...

Taking action for trade justice: Ayrshire Global Justice Now

James Dippie is a member of Ayrshire Global Justice Now who campaign locally against unjust trade deals

Projection of words 'corporate courts block climate action' on to the offices of law firm Clyde & Co in Edinburgh

New briefing: The impact of new trade deals on Scotland’s laws & policies

The Trade Justice Scotland Coalition has written a new briefing for members of the Scottish parliament. It is a summary...

Four reasons why animal lovers should be concerned about the Australia-UK trade deal

Compassion in World Farming are concerned about lowering animal welfare standards that the Australia-UK trade deal is likely to cause.

Paul Robison holding Nessie banner with 'Trade wi Trump gies me the hump' wording

In memory of Paul

I was very sad to hear this week about the death of one of the Trade Justice Scotland Coalition’s stalwarts, Paul Robison.

containers on the dockside at Cairnryan

Green ports?

Like anything you just need to see who is behind this model in order to understand its true purpose. The freeport concept is much admired by the Tory right, which makes it all the more bizarre that the Scottish Government should be consulting on how to adopt this model despite their endeavours to present it as a friendlier version to workers and the environment.

Richard Leonard MSP is lobbied by his constituency as part of a mass lobby at the Scottish Parliament

Seven Questions to ask your MSP candidates about trade justice

On first thought, international trade deals might not obviously be an issue for Holyrood elections. But given that modern trade...