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Scotland must have a voice in trade deals after Brexit

The UK government will begin to make its own trade deals after Brexit. This could be a disaster:  a US trade deal could open the market for the sale  of chlorinated chicken and GM food from US farms here in Scotland, for example. ..But it is also an opportunity.

Last November a trade bill was published by the UK government. It set out a legal framework for trade after Brexit. However, the framework is not democratic. The bill ties the hands of both the House of Commons and our Scottish parliament: they will have no powers to scrutinise or debate future trade deals.

The trade bill is currently at the House of Lords being debated. Grab the ears of our peers: let them know how important proper scrutiny of future trade deals is.

Sign the petition to the House of Lords calling for a voice for Scotland in future trade deals: www.globaljustice.org.uk/scotland-lords

Sign the petition to the House of Lords calling for proper democratic scrutiny of future trade deals by all the UK parliaments: www.globaljustice.org.uk/lords

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US-UK trade deal consultation

The UK government has begun public consultations on a number of post-Brexit trade deals including one with the US. Find out what’s at risk in Scotland from future trade deals with the US

Coalition member Global Justice Now has prepared a response to the consultation that you can amend to include your own concerns. Take the e-action by 26 October

Just Trade Principles

Please ask your MP to sign up to these ethical trade principles.

Read the Just Trade Principles

Read the Just Principles for Trade policy briefing (useful for writing to your MP)

Stop trump placard

Stop Trump placard

Please ask your local councillors to support our trade principles

As we know from campaigning on new EU trade deals, local councils will feel the impact of future trade deals if public services and public procurement are to be included. During the campaign against TTIP, one third of Scottish local councils voted to make their local area a TTIP-free zone.

That is why we are now asking Scottish local Councils to sign up to our ethical trade principles.

We have put together a draft motion that Councillors could use. Please contact your local councillors and ask for their support.

Download our draft Just Trade Principles motion here

Inverclyde Council are the first in Scotland to pass a motion in support of our Just Trade Principles. Read the motion here