Take action against a toxic US-UK trade deal!

There are many different ways to take action against a toxic US-UK trade deal and help to promote a fairer system where food standards and public services are protected.

Global Justice Now has good list of practical ways you can take action against the US-UK trade deal. Take a look.

And here’s some additional ways you can get involved:


The best way to get involved in campaigning and joining local actions against trade deals is to keep informed and find a local group campaigning on these issues. You should:

Tell friends and family of the threats of a toxic trade deal 

You can find more information of the possible effects of a UK/US trade deal here, as well as a booklet on the specific risks for Scotland

Get others to sign the pledge

Help to spread the word about the pledge on social media

If you would like some copies of the pledge to share with your family and friends you can download a digital copy here

Make your opposition clear to the 2021 Scottish parliament election candidates writing to your MSP 

Click here to find out more on how to write to your MSP

Make your opposition clear to Westminster by writing to your MP

Click here to find more information on how to write to your MP

Write to your local newspaper

This is a great way to start the conversation going locally about why others should oppose the UK-US trade deal. More information on how activists can make the most of local media can be found here