Take action now to STOP CETA!

Take Action to Stop CETA before February 15th

The final chance for the European Parliament to stop CETA (the EU-Canada trade deal) in its tracks will be on February 15th, when all MEPs will be voting yes or no to the implementation of TTIP’s little brother.

As this is the day after Valentines Day, we thought it appropriate to send all our Scottish MEPs a Valentine’s message to remind them how important it is that they vote ‘NO’ on February 15th.

Can you help us share the love by tweeting/ or putting your Valentine’s message on facebook tagged to all six Scottish MEPs?

Here’s how…

Design your own Valentine’s card – something like this one – and take a picture on your phone/digital camera:

valentines CETA landscape

Then tweet your message directly to your MEPs. Remember to use the hashtag #STOPCETA

Here are some suggested tweets:

‘@AlynSmithMEP Don’t break our hearts: Vote to #STOPCETA on February 15th

‘@davidmartinmep don’t leave us lonely! Vote against #CETA 15/2’

‘@C_Stihler_MEP CETA would be a thorn in Scotland’s side: vote NO to #CETA!’

‘@IanDuncanMEP Save Scotland’s public services: vote NO to #CETA’

‘@DavidCoburnUKip Keep fracking out of Scotland: Vote no to #CETA on 15/2’

‘@hudghtonmepSNP #CETA threatens Scotland’s sovereignty: vote NO on 15/2’


MEP Twitter handles:







You could also post your message on facebook and tag all your MEPs in it. If you could also tag us: @Scotland Against TTIP in the message too ,that will help us see how many messages have been sent.

Happy Valentines message making!

For more detail about CETA, see the Global Justice Now CETA briefing